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Audience, Authorship and Assessment in Wiki Projects

June 26, 2007 by Doug Worsham

Audience, authorship, and assessment are key issues in the development of any collaborative writing project.

At the recent International Association for Language Learning Technology (IALLT) conference, Lauren Rosen (UW Collaborative Language Program) and Doug Worsham (L&S LSS) presented on the role of audience, authorship, and assessment in two very different wiki projects – a semester long project in a Japanese course that linked students at a distance and a short term project in a single section of a French course. Read more »

Wikis and Blogs - What’s the difference?

June 15, 2007 by Doug Worsham

Over the past couple of weeks, at the T&LS, at the TASI, and in consultations and conversations with faculty and staff around campus, people have been thinking and talking a lot about wikis and blogs, and wondering what these tools can do to support effective teaching and learning. Read more »

LSS projects in the mix at the Teaching and Learning Symposium

May 31, 2007 by Doug Worsham

Read more »

Summer Inspirations

May 15, 2006 by Sue Weier

Recently three LSS staff members attended the 2006 Kentucky Foreign Language Conference. This was the first year for the Instructional Technology track, where Sue Weier and Sara Ziemendorf presented on open source software that we use here at LSS. Read Gilgen, Director of LSS, delivered a keynote presentation titled Wikis, iPods, and Cervantes: Technology isn’t just for language learning anymore”.

We saw some interesting presentations in Kentucky. If you’re looking for inspiration this summer, think about some of these ideas: Read more »

Madly Moodling!

February 10, 2006 by Sue Weier

LSS is always trying to find innovative ways to make teaching with technology fun and effective. This semester, we’ve set up a Moodle site for several courses to use. Moodle is a course management system that provides a wide activity set along with great language support. Because Read more »

Wikideas galore!

November 25, 2005 by Doug Worsham

This semester LSS is helping several language instructors use wikis for collaborative and interactive writing assignments. A wiki is a website that makes it easier than ever before for students to publish work online, read and comment on the work of their peers, collaborate on written documents, and build shared pools of information.

Here are descriptions of three of the wiki projects supported by LSS this semester. Read more »

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