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VGA adapters for Macbooks

mini dvi

Have a presentation?  A group review?  These VGA adapters allow you to connect a Macbook to a classroom projector.  They work with the Macbook that you can check out from the InfoLab, but will not work with all Macbooks or Macbook Pros.  The VGA adapters have a 3-day loan period.

For information on using the adapters for projecting, see How to project from an InfoLab Macbook . Read more »

External hard drive (250 GB)

LSS InfoLab has 3 external hard drives available for storage purposes.  The drives hold about 230 GB of data.

Dual-boot Macbooks Air

The LSS InfoLab has 60 dual-boot Macbooks Air available for loan.  You can use either Windows or MacOS on these machines.  They do not have a CD/DVD drive or an ethernet connection.

The Macbooks include the iLife suite, as well as internet and Microsoft Office software.

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Kodak Zi6 videocamera

The Kodak Zi6 is a very small, easy-to-use, flip-type camera.  The USB port is built into the camera, so you don't need a cable! 

kodak zi6 Read more »

H2 Audio Recorder

H2 Audio Recorder

The H2 Audio recorder offers a wide variety of recording options.   The LSS InfoLab has two H2s available for loan.  For more information, visit the SamsonTech website or take a look at Using the H2 Recorder .

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