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Video Conferencing

Video Collaboration Rooms

L&S Learning Support Services supports two traditional video conference classrooms, designed primarily for L&S institution-to-institution classroom collaboration. Our primary facility uses a Cisco C40 TelePresence codec. Our secondary system uses an Avermedia 310 codec. Both systems can share computer presentations and have dedicated echo-cancellation. They are best suited to courses with relatively small class sizes.

Prior to formalizing a course or a meeting that requires a videoconference classroom, a consultative meeting is required. Verification of room availability and a connection test with the collaborating site(s) will also be required and the following information will need to be collected:

  • IP address of the videoconferencing facility
  • Name, phone number, and e-mail address of the remote site technical contact
  • Date, time, timezone of the local and the remote site

For consultation about videoconferencing and for scheduling inquiries, please contact Ken Fager

Virtual Meetings/Classrooms

LSS maintains a Wisline Video license for a virtual classroom using technology managed by our institutional partner, Instructional Communications Systems (ICS). Wisline Video allows multipoint web connections in numbers greater than Google Hangouts or Skype and importantly Pexip interoperates with room systems and webconferencing, allowing a greater variety of technologies to connect to each other.

Wisline at LSS is most often used to aid students and instructors unable to connect to our facilities using traditional means.


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