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Web Services

LSS Web Services focuses on providing strategy, development, and web hosting services to members of the College of Letters & Science. Read on for some of the ways that we can help.


Our goal is to make website planning as easy as possible; we are ready to consult with you about everything from UW branding to calendar integrations to social media strategy to the life cycle of a web site. Have questions about web technologies available on campus, how to incorporate video into your site, or on- and off-campus web site hosting options? Please get in touch.

Strategic Design

Website design is more than how your site looks. Establishing goals and knowing your audience are important steps in website design and will inform what content you put on your website, how to structure individual pages, and how to organize the site overall. We can help with all of this.


Our development process starts by creating a new website for testing and development on our development web server. Your development website has a different URL than your live website and provides a private place for contributors to work while leaving the current website untouched. Later, once the new website is ready for launch, we can seamlessly move it and all images, documents, and other files associated with it to our production web server.

For departments and campus groups that identify strongly with the UW brand, we have a fully featured UW website theme ready for you to use. For organizations with an alternate or independent brand, please contact us to discuss options; we can also lend our expertise to your website project while helping you identify campus partners or outside vendors to execute your project.

Web Hosting

Whether you build your website in our development environment or bring it to us already complete, our Drupal-based web hosting environment provides secure, managed hosting for your Drupal website. We also offer related services including URL provisioning requests, website maintenance, user account management, and we run a web site analytics suite and Apache Solr search platform that we can integrate into your site.

Have a question about something not covered here? Please contact us.

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