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World Caption

Version 2.1.1 9/14/2009

Enhancements/New features

Version 2.1 10/17/2007

Enhancements/New features
  • Tracks can be deleted.
  • Tracks can be duplicated.
  • It is now possible to get the sync from another track. Useful in the case of multiple languages. If one language is synced, the program can use that track for the template for synchronizing another track. This is done by finding the captions that probably correspond to the synced captions, and setting the time accordingly. Not perfect, but does a reasonable job.
  • There is now a preference to choose whether or not the program ignores line breaks. A line break indicates to the program that the new line should start a new caption. This usually makes sense when there's a substantial gap in the speech. Adding a blank line will add a blank caption.
  • There is a preference for setting the number of words per caption.
  • Improved layout on captions. When a caption spans two lines, the caption will be formatted such that the two lines are as equal in length as possible. No more single words on second line.
  • There is now an actual home page for World Caption.

Bug fixes

  • Under certain circumstances, resizing the window or moving the divider could corrupt the window layout. Fixed.
  • The box for the text captions would not be wider than 320 pixels, regardless of the size of the movie. Fixed. Graphic captions were fine, however. (Credit Mary Waitrovich, DoIT Communications for finding the bug.)
  • Menu choices for adjusting the selected key caption forward and backward were always active, even when no caption was selected. Fixed.

Known bugs/shortcomings

  • Blank captions are not taken into account when selecting the next caption that should be synchronized (The blank caption and the caption afterwards should be manually synced, as it isn't possible to determine how long a blank caption should be.).
  • Under certain circumstances, previewing the captions while the movie is playing can cause odd artifacts to appear in the window. It seems to be related to the media file having a different playback size than natural size.
  • Choosing "Print" still does nothing.


Version 2.0 9/27/2007

Many changes!
  • New name. Now called "World Caption".
  • Correctly handles UTF-8 text files. Multibyte characters from non-latin scripts are handled correctly. Right-to-left scripts, such as Hebrew, also handled correctly. Hence the new name.
  • You can save your project. Supports multiple documents.
  • Multiple caption tracks supported.
  • Caption track can be either a text track, which requires rendering of the captions at playback, or a graphic track with pre-rendered captions.
  • Tracks may be excluded from the export. If included, tracks may be selectively enabled (made visible at open) in the exported movie.
  • Keyboard commands may be used to jump to the next suggested caption for synchronization. Sync time may be adjusted via keystrokes as well.


Transcript to cc (old name)


Version 0.53 beta 5/18/2007

  • No more expiration time! Uses the Sparkle framework to push updates. Software should still be considered Beta, however.


Version 0.52 beta 4/10/2007

  • Extended beta time to 5/14/2007
  • Font is Arial


Version 0.51 beta 3/27/07

  • Extended beta time to 4/14/2007


Version 0.5 beta 2/14/07

  • Fixed a v0.4 bug where loading a new movie would not reinialize movie cache. That means that updating the captions would use the first movie loaded as the movie to be captioned.
  • Fixed a v0.4 bug where if a caption was selected in the table, and a new caption file was reloaded, the program would crash. (Tried to get index of selected object to reselect, but if captions were reloaded, object had already been released.) Solution: deselect all when caption file is loaded.


Version 0.4 beta 2/13/07

  • New movie can now be loaded without quitting application. Subclassed QTMovieView. MyQTMovieView shoots out notification when new movie file loaded. Also handles highlighting during drag.


Version 0.3 beta 2/8/07

  • String encoding for captions is now NSMacOSRoman. Handles accented characters correctly, but not multibyte characters.
  • Language menu enabled, but code is ignored, even though it appears in qttext correctly.
  • Fixed bug where if transcript file did not end with blank return, file would not be read.
  • Reports any read error to user, rather than silently failing.


Version 0.2 beta 2/7/07

  • Handles some accented characters - latin text only. Multibyte characters not handled correctly yet.
  • Error during text track import now reported.
  • Debugging NSLog call removed from AlertQueue class
  • Added "Beta" after version number


Version 0.1 beta 2/7/07

  • First public beta
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