Cybersecurity in the College of Letters and Science

Computer security is one of the foremost concerns of the College of Letters & Science.  L&S Learning Support Services offers a variety of security services.

LSS TechZone security

The LSS TechZone supports desktop computers and servers in approximately 20 L&S departments.  Workstations in TechZone-managed departments are monitored continuously for viruses and malware, patched bi-weekly, and scanned for restricted data each semester.  We use campus-provided software to keep the computers compliant with campus IT policies, and safe from intrusion. To contact TechZone staff, email

L&S Security Consulting

A security consultant is available to all L&S departments, centers and institutes for:

  • reviewing software solutions and current practices in the College of Letters & Science.
  • answering questions about restricted and sensitive data handling.
  • providing security presentations for your group or department.
  • assisting with digital intrusions and incidents.
  • acting as a liaison with the Office of Cybersecurity.

L&S Risk Review

Campus policy requires management of risk to UW data.  For this reason, the College of Letters & Science requires a risk review for the purchase of products or services that will store or consume UW data. The risk review identifies the type of data involved and looks at some basic risk criteria. The risk review should be completed as part of your product/service evaluation to make sure that there aren’t any security issues. Fill out the review intake form and the security consultant will be in touch.

  • If the risk review shows low risk, a statement of risk is provided to the requestor, L&S Purchasing, and L&S Administration.
  • If the criteria call for a deeper evaluation of the product, a risk assessment is requested from the Office of Cybersecurity.  The assessment can take between 2 and 6 weeks to complete.

Campus IT policies

Information about UW-Madison campus IT policies can be found at the Policy Library.  L&S IT staff should be familiar with the Information Technology policies in the Policy Library.

These are the top policies that apply to all faculty and staff:

Get Help

If you need assistance with security or policy questions or plans, contact the L&S Information Security Officer, Sue Weier, at

Cybersecurity Team

Nathan DeLano

Position title: Cybersecurity Analyst


Phone: 608-262-0515

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Sue Weier

Position title: L&S Information Security Officer


Phone: 608-262-3004

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