Evaluating & Revising Course Materials

An iterative design process focuses on improving your course over time, allowing you to be responsive to the needs of students, your own teaching style, and external events and trends.

Considering how to evaluate and revise your teaching approach and materials is valuable at any stage of teaching or iteration of your course.

Questions to consider include:

  • What information can you elicit from students to help you revise the next time?
  • When and how will you reflect on your own practice?
  • What information might help you secure funding for your course in the future?
  • What information do you already have to help you improve your teaching materials and approach?
  • How can specific assignments be improved to increase student engagement or better align with your course goals?

Specific recommendations we can help with include:

  • Plan a mid-semester evaluation
  • Add evaluation to existing assessments
  • Troubleshoot assignments and activities
  • Inventory information available to make changes
  • Collect new information to guide future changes


Faculty, Instructional Staff, Teaching Assistants, and Departments


Consultations are free for anyone in the College of Letters & Science.


Must be involved in delivering instruction for a timetable course in the College of Letters & Science.

Getting Started

Meet with us. Consultations typically last one hour, take place in Van Hise Hall, and result in specific recommendations and next steps.
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