Instructor Professional Development

We want L&S instructors, and particularly new instructors, to feel supported in using campus technologies in their teaching. LSS and the greater campus community offer many opportunities to learn to use technologies and learn new teaching methods.

If your needs are not met by the existing opportunities below, let us know. We are happy to collaborate in offering new workshops to your department or teaching team.


Are you an L&S instructor new to campus? Or do you need a refresher on Canvas best practices? Quickly get up to speed with our self-paced Canvas training. Based around best practices, each recommendation includes the “how” and “why” and includes a time estimate so you can choose what you have time to implement.

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LSS consultants guide small cohorts through rapid online course development in a series called Jumpstart. Our goal is to connect you with peers at similar phases of course development, and provide structured time to quickly design and begin building a specific course. Participants leave with a Course Map and a Course Action Plan.

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Our consultants co-sponsor, co-facilitate, support, and recommend many campus-wide workshops open to faculty. Each opportunity listed below has a different focus, and many require registration and planning to attend.

  • Active Teaching Labs in the fall and spring semesters support instructors using technology in teaching, in both standard and more adventurous ways. Attend a lab to learn the basics and see examples of peers using technologies, or to bring questions about creative uses of technology in teaching.
  • Blend@UW is typically a 5-day course in which instructors design blended courses that foster deeper, more active learning for students.
  • TeachOnline is a faculty learning community, consisting of two semester-long sessions. Session one is entitled “Plan & Design” and gives participants and opportunity to collaboratively explore best practice in online course design while developing a custom design plan. Session two is entitled “Facilitation & Management” and offers the opportunity to develop virtual facilitation techniques, create a plan for connecting with students, consider how to best manage your live online course.
  • MTLE is a two-semester program in teaching for early-career faculty.
  • Teaching Academy sponsors four major events each year, including the Teaching Academy Summer Institute.
  • Discussion Project from the School of Education is a 2.5 day training focused on creating a welcoming, engaging, and rigorous academic environment in your classroom.


LSS Staff Contacts

Laura Schmidli

Position title: Senior Instructional Technology Consultant


Phone: 608-262-8790

275 Van Hise Hall

Jonathan Klein

Position title: Senior Instructional Technology Consultant


Phone: 608-263-3828

299 Van Hise Hall