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LSS is pleased to offer support for instructors and departments who are working to create online courses. Online learning is a rapidly changing field and our team is committed to supporting instructors in continual investigation of new techniques, tools, and methods that ensure L&S online offerings are of the highest caliber and well positioned to succeed in a competitive landscape.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project and collaborate with you in any of the following ways:

Design: Making the transition to online teaching brings new opportunities for pedagogy and learning design. Our LSS consultants are creative instructional designers who serve as thinking partners to help you investigate ways to make your online course a rich, interactive, and rigorous experience. We are also experienced developing comprehensive course design/development plans that help you manage workload, work efficiently, and consider iterative improvements.

Technology Integration: UW-Madison offers a growing array of learning technology tools that support student interactions, digital content delivery, assessment, and administrative functions. LSS can help you assemble sustainable technology choices that support your learning objectives. We can also develop a technology support plan for the entire lifecycle of your course, provide training, and work with you as you gain practical experience.

Course Production: LSS offers hands-on course production services that bring your ideas to life. Our consultants and technically-skilled graduate students are pleased to work with you in the development of digital content. We are able to help transform lecture material, make digital worksheets and exams, and construct beautiful and streamlined Canvas sites that adhere to accessibility and usability principles.


Faculty, Instructional Staff, Teaching Assistants, and Departments


We are eager to understand your needs and help you evaluate options. Our goal is to help create the best learning experience for the lowest possible cost.  Given the many technical complexities and wide array of design opportunities that make a rich and interactive online learning environment, it is common for support to go beyond initial consultation. Below are a number of cost considerations to consider when planning an online course.  Please contact an LSS consultant to further explore costs related to your project.

  • Roles & division of work: LSS can flex to fill various roles in a project (i.e. project management, development, design, etc.).
  • Number of people who work on the course: Course projects that include more collaborators (i.e. a program executive committee) will be more complex and typically require additional time.
  • Level of instructional design applied: Certain courses require a greater level of creativity when making a translation from the classroom to a virtual environment.
  • Media richness: Media creation can be an expensive component of an overall project budget. Courses that require abundant media resource development will be more costly.
  • Need for custom or third-party learning tools: Standard UW-supported digital tools (Canvas, Kaltura MediaSpace, Google Apps, etc.) can be adapted to meet the needs of most courses. Additional cost is likely when specialized software and or custom developed solutions are required.
  • Extent to which materials are already developed for a face-to-face course: A growing number of UW courses have adopted a “blended” teaching approach and have a significant number of digital course materials that can be repurposed.
  • Subsidization of support and/or grants: The Educational Innovation initiative and the Summer Term office routinely offer competitive small grant opportunities.


The Educational Innovation initiative and the Summer Term office routinely offer competitive small grant opportunities. L&S consultants are pleased to help prepare budgets and assist with conceptual elements for such grants proposals.

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Consultations typically last one hour, take place in Van Hise Hall, and result in specific recommendations and next steps.
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