TA Support & Professional Development

We want L&S Teaching Assistants to feel supported in using campus technologies in their teaching. We host a variety of opportunities to help TAs learn to best use campus-supported technologies in their teaching.


TA Training in Remote Teaching

From January 15 – 31, 2021 the College of Letters & Science will host an online asynchronous workshop for L&S Teaching Assistants on teaching remotely. Please attend if you did not complete the August 2020 training. See more information and register online. Registration deadline is January 14, 2021.

Upcoming Canvas Workshops around Campus

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Ask a Question

Our Learning Technologies Graduate Assistant is available by email and in-person to answer your questions about teaching with technology.
Ask a Question


TA Canvas Checklist

Are you a new Teaching Assistant in L&S, or would you like a Canvas refresher? Start with our self-paced Canvas Checklist for TAs to help you (and your students) start the semester off right.

Request a Workshop

Would you like a presentation on effectively using Canvas, Google docs, or other technologies for your department or teaching team? Email us with more information on what you need and when your group is available.


Learning Support Services (LSS) also offer the following services and resources likely of interest to Teaching Assistants in their role as an instructor:

  • AV Pool: Check out audiovisual and other technologies for short-term use in your classroom.
  • Library & Media Collections: Check out films in over 100 foreign languages and other subjects for use in your classroom, or make films available to students streaming through Canvas.
  • Van Hise Hall Instructor Guide: Overview of essential resources available to instructors teaching in Van Hise Hall.

In addition to what LSS offers, the following resources are helpful to Teaching Assistants looking to learn new technologies or new teaching methods.

  • Active Teaching Labs at DoIT Academic Technology in the fall and spring semesters support instructors using technology in teaching, in both standard and more adventurous ways. Attend a lab to learn the basics and see examples of peers using technologies, or to bring questions about creative uses of technology in teaching.
  • The Writing Center offers workshops for instructors each semester, and the Writer’s Handbook contains sample assignments and helpful information to guide your students.
  • UW-Madison’s Graduate School can guide your professional development through the DiscoverPD portal. Search the campus events calendar for #GSPD for professional development events around campus.
  • DoIT’s Software Training for Students provides technology training to students, including you and the students you teach.
  • The DesignLab can help you plan a multimedia assignment for you class and provide technical training for your students.


LSS Staff Contacts

Laura Schmidli

Position title: Senior Instructional Technology Consultant

Email: laura.schmidli@wisc.edu

Phone: 608-262-8790

275 Van Hise Hall

Erwin Lares

Position title: Learning Technology Graduate Assistant

Email: lares@wisc.edu

Phone: 608-263-3828

299 Van Hise Hall