Technical & Facilitation Skills for Teaching Online

L&S Learning Support Services offers a free non-credit professional development online course intended for lecturers and graduate teaching assistants in L&S departments. The course focuses on basic knowledge and skills to effectively facilitate a course online using technologies available at UW-Madison. Participants receive a digital certificate of completion from the College of Letters & Science, can opt-in to being listed on our website, and will prepare materials for future use in a course or to include in an online teaching portfolio.

  • Who: Instructional Staff & Graduate Students in L&S
  • When: March 23 – 27, 2020
  • Where: Online (Canvas)
  • Why: Online instruction requires unique facilitation strategies, as well as fluency with new teaching technologies. Equipping instructors with these skills is crucial to facilitating student learning and meeting demand at the institutional level for online courses.

Plan to Participate

Apply to Participate

Prior to applying, please consider the following regarding scheduling:

  • Based on the experience of participants from prior sessions, students who enroll should plan to spend 3-4 hours per day completing the online course requirements. This equals 15-20 total hours over 5 days.
  • If you are new to using Canvas, there are additional training opportunities built into the course, which add approximately 3-4 hours to the course requirements.
  • In addition to asynchronous online course components, there are also synchronous group video conferences and live online office hours with the instructor. The dates and times for these will be decided based on the availability of the group, but participants must have some flexibility and availability to participate synchronously.

Past Participants

We are proud to have worked with the following graduate students, who have successfully completed the course:

wdt_ID Participant Department(s) or Institute(s) Year Completed
1 Danya Al-saleh Geography 2017
2 Carlos Andrés Rojas Spanish and Portugese 2018
3 Jack Bish Anthropology 2017
4 Chen Chen German, Nordic, and Slavic 2018
5 Christine Evans German, Nordic, and Slavic 2018
6 Jee Jee Kim Sociology 2018
7 Josh Mund Philosophy 2018
8 Martin Kimathi Muthee African Cultural Studies 2018
9 Anna R. Oltman Political Science 2017
10 Emma Prendergast Philosophy 2017

Past & Current Instructors

Lane Sunwall (LSS Learning Technologies Teaching Assistant) initially developed and facilitated the course. In the summer of 2018, Naomi Salmon (LSS Open Educational Resources Teaching Assistant) updated and facilitated the course.

For AY2019-2020, our current Learning Technologies Teaching Assistant, Erwin Lares, will be our lead instructor. Erwin has many years of teaching experience, at both the high school and college levels, and is a current dissertator in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese.


LSS Staff Contact

Laura Schmidli

Position title: Senior Instructional Technology Consultant


Phone: 608-262-8790

275 Van Hise Hall

Erwin Lares

Position title: Learning Technology Graduate Assistant


Phone: 608-263-3828

299 Van Hise Hall