TechZone security measures

The LSS TechZone focuses on the following areas to ensure that workstations and laptops are secure.

Virus and malware detection and removal

TechZone-managed computers are monitored for viruses and malware using two different methods.

  1. Campus policy requires antivirus software to be installed on all computers. The TechZone installs Symantec AntiVirus on all computers. Results are reported to a console which highlights new viruses and malware and makes it easier to pinpoint problems. In the LSS TechZone, full-time TechZone staff monitor the Symantec Enterprise console.
  2. LSS staff receive daily reports of suspicious network activity that we analyze, looking for traces of viruses and malware.  The reports come from DoIT.

Software and OS patching

TechZone-managed computers are patched weekly with security updates for operating system and commonly used software.  The software used for patching is IBM Endpoint Manager.  Computers are also monitored with a second piece of software, Secunia CSI, to be sure that they are fully updated.

Biweekly updates

Security updates are deployed every two weeks. The updates include critical or important patches for Windows and MacOS, Microsoft Office, common web browsers, common browser plugins (flash, java), iTunes, and Adobe products. Patrons are prompted to allow the updates to install and their computer to reboot.

Vulnerable computer report

LSS receives a weekly email from DoIT with a list of computers that need patches.  The report is generated from Secunia CSI, an application that monitors patched and out-of-date software.

Restricted data detection

TechZone-managed computers use Identity Finder to locate computers that store restricted data.  Typically, the focus is on social security numbers, which used to be the primary student identification number until the early 2000s.  UW policy requires scanning and reporting of any restricted data on a machine with active viruses or malware to comply with state law.  Each campus department must file a Restricted Data Report annually.

Scans are performed once a month, starting the first Monday of the month.  The scan searches for social security numbers only, and reports the results to a console.  No data is actually reported.  Remediation is done by the computer user.

Account Management

Both Windows and Macintosh users have a set of administrative credentials.  In addition, Windows users have a standard user account which should be used for daily use.  Only use the administrative credentials if you are installing software.

The TechZone places a second administrative account on each computer.  The TechZone account is used for remote access and maintenance.

Passwords are required on all accounts.

All computers must have a local firewall turned on.

If you have questions about the TechZone’s security measures, please email

Securing your home computer

To secure your home computer, read the Securing your Computer training guide at . The guide includes links to home versions of Symantec AntiVirus, Identity Finder and other useful software and tips.