Fall 2021: Course scheduling for LSS Videoconference rooms has been suspended until further notice. Ad-hoc use will be scheduled on a limited basis via the Room Reservation Form.

Learning Support Services supports three videoconference rooms designed for collaboration. All rooms are equipped with a camera, microphone, speakers, and computer with all the software necessary to share your lecture and presentation with all participants.

Available To

Departments or programs in the College of Letters & Science at no cost.


There are three videoconferencing rooms on the second floor of Van Hise Hall: 254, 286, and 290. See LSS Classrooms for more information about these rooms.


Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4 PM. Please contact us for times outside of normal hours.

Getting Started

Request a room using our Room Reservation Form.

For consultation about videoconferencing please contact

Ad-Hoc Sessions

Van Hise 286 and 290 have a high-definition camera, speakers, microphone, and computer with videoconference software installed. Because the room is configured for the best possible videoconference experience, we ask that you use the computer in the room.

Software How to Login
Hangouts In Chrome go to and login using your personal account.
Skype Login to the Skype application using your personal account.
WebEx If scheduled through UW-Madison go to If another institution scheduled the meeting, follow the instructions provided.
Zoom Login to the Zoom application using your account on or meeting ID.

Semester Long Video Conference Courses

UW-Madison collaborates with other universities to provide videoconference courses through the Big Ten Academic Alliance.

Van Hise 254, 286, and 290 uses videoconference hardware to share high-definition audio and video between peer institutions. Coordination for semester-long videoconference courses requires consultation, technology vetting, and instructor training prior to the start of the semester.

LSS Staff Contact

Ken Fager

Position title: AV Pool Manager


Phone: 608-262-4471

271 Van Hise Hall

Bret Vlach

Position title: Instructional Facilities Manager


Phone: 608-262-8763

279 Van Hise Hall